$2,500 & Up

CTA Travel cst#201879-40

Cathie Lentz Fryer - President

$1,000 & Up

The Emanuel Bachmann Foundation

Robert & Angie Butler & Family

Philip & Mary Stump

$500 & Up

Barcott Protective Services

Frank & Becky Marrone

Leading Role
$250 & Up

Bob & Tacie Adams

Anaheim Center For the Performing Arts at Servite

American Chemical &Sanitary Supplies, Inc


Credo Arts

Mrs. Lucille Curran

$100 & Up

Steve & Amy Barth

The Galligan Family

Richard & Armida Johnson

Noelle Juarez

Masciel Real Estate Company

William & Renee McMahon

Dr. Rangnath, D.D.S.

The Roethe Family

Servite Select Choir

Mark & Debbie Thompson & Family

The Van Driesen Family

Friend of the Theatre
$25 and Up


Mayo Crismon

Barry & Judy Jones

Thomas & Priscilla Robinson

The Jacqueline Gail Henderson Wiedel Scholarship:

Rosary Royals Class of 2001

Steve & Amy Barth

Mr. Thanh Doan

Mr. Greg Dubois

Jennifer Gaden

Deborah Hazzard

Leroy and Mary Mills

Kevin Mortensen

Dr. Monty & Deborah Sanford

Willie & Rosanne Schnaider

John & Ann Shea

Gerald & Gail Simpson

Mr. Yadong Wang

Ms. Julie Yale